Quality flour baker’s 1st, 2 kg

Product feature:
  • Has a magnificent white and cream color;
  • It is rich in vitamins of B group and minerals: potassium, magnesium, iron that support the body in a constant energy tone, stimulates mental activity and enhances immunity;
  • Without conditioners, without bleaching agents - absolutely safe and environmentally friendly product;
  • Excellent baking properties;
  • Strong flour: absorbs liquid very well, the products are well risen and have high porosity;
  • Stable quality at own mill complex;
  • Produced in the packaging of 2 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, and 50 kg;
  • Breathing packaging;
  • Dobrodeya flour is produced in accordance with GOST R 52189-2003;
  • Internationalqualitysystem HACCP
About the product

Qualiti  flour  baker’s 1 “Dobrodeya” is a unique flour that has a light color. Experienced housewives prefer this particular flour. First of all, it is a useful flour that has preserved a great number of vitamins and nutrients. Secondly, the first-grade flour is ideal for baking bread, as well as for the puff pastry and dumpling dough, pancakes, croissants, muffins and cookies. Such white and fragrant bread can be cookedusing our first-grade flour!

Nutritional value for 100 g of product:

  • 341,7 Kcal/ 1450,6 kj
  • carbohydrates – 73.2 g
  • proteins – 10.6 g
  • fat - 1.3 g




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