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Verified quality and new design! Despite the difficult economic conditions in the country, the Omsk products are confidently holding positions not only in the Russian market, but also gaining popularity abroad. At the same time, the modernization process at the enterprises is continued. Our shooting team visited the Omsk Pasta Factory. Recently, new equipment was launched here.

A thin canvas of the freshly kneaded dough turns intofarfalle loved by many peoplefor a few seconds. The process is well-established and fully automated. However, it is impossible to do it without strict human control.

Comment: Elena Kusakina, a technologist, Omsk Pasta Factory OJSC
"Our shop includes four lines of pasta production –three short-cut, and one long-tube. Up to five analyzes are performed every hour at each line.

By the way, capacity of these Swiss lines is 6 tons of products per hour. The recipe is classic and Italian: strong white flour and water. No additives. Recently, the company launched a new Italian filling machine.

Comment: Olga Zhevlakova, Head of Marketing Department, Omsk Pasta Factory OJSC
"It allows to turn the traditional packaging in a firm convenient brick thatcan stand easily and contains a kilogram of products while taking up minimum space on the shelf. In addition, it has a convenient sticker for multiple opening and closing".

At present, the Omsk enterprise produces 35 types of pasta. You can see it on the store shelves all over the country. However, the company can impress you not only with the alimentary products. This year, they begin to supply Dobrodeya flour to China. The representatives of the Eastern company scrupulously studied its qualities for half a year.

Comment: VitaliyToveskin, Head of the Sales Department, Omsk Pasta Factory OJSC
"The bread-making potential, quality, color - they are absolutely thrilled! They visited our complex, they saw that everything is made from natural raw materials without any additives, and this fact served as the factor that they made their choice”.
Now the Omsk flour is sent to the Heavenly Empireby the waggonload. In the meantime, next year the enterprise plans to launch five new types of pasta that already earned love of the Italians and will certainly hit taste of the Russians.

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